Back In The Day - Tales from the Hood


My Homeboys-The Good,The Bad, and the just plain UGLY!

During those early days of becoming a gang, i met and welcomed many solid new homeboys. Many were from other local hoods such as C14, 18st, FTR, and some others. For one quick summer it seems all the dudes from FTR joined the hood and "Frogtown" became an extention of Echo Park that summer. It all changed after that summer and the guys eventually reformed to a new and improved FTR.
It was all good for the moment so what can i say.

The ones who became my closest homies were now living in my hood or else decided to leave theirs and join mine. Whatever the case we had some strong bonds and it was through some strong partying! Thats when you learn a few things about your homies and where their heads at and how they handle themselfs. Some were straight chumps and acted like fools, then there were the mature cool ones and these were the ones to party with cause you knew they were mello and knew how to have a good time besides being down for anything.

There were times when the boys were separated from the men so to speak. The ones with balls and the ones that lacked 'em. To be honest i gotta say i myself lacked'em on a couple occasions! I was bout ready to get my ass beat for being a fool by crossing out one of the older guys i didn't like from my hood and when he called me on it i pussy'd out! I was a youngster and still green and learned soon enough not to be a fool or else! The other time my bigger homie pissed me off so i fired him up but then when i saw his face turn red he scared the shit out of me as he chased me around my ride. You had to be there! It was fricken funny! He finally was calmed down but yup, that was another time i pussy'd out! I'm being straight up about it cause i need to be real about what i write when it comes to who i was and i'm not gonna try to pretend like i was without any faults. I'm pretty glad to say as i look back that this was the only 2 times where i ranked out with my homies, but i'm still not proud of mentioning it. You learn...I sure did!

I had a good homie named Memo who i really respected and had good times with. During a period of hostilities with a rival hood he got caught alone and was stabbed in the chest. As he ran up the hood in shock from being stabbed he lost way too much blood and never made it. To this day i think about him and still miss him. Its been over 25 to 30 years i think since he's been gone.
My younger white homie who was one of the first was who we named Payaso. He was really funny and a clown. When i went away for a short stay, homeboy macked it with my girl...scandelless i tell ya! All was forgiven cause me and him were tighter than me and her so i didn't really care. It was squashed! Later he met someone and got married and lived his life till one day he had a premature heart attact at still an early age if i remember right. At least he went that way but he was really overweight at the time! Another one i miss. As for the ugly? Well i won't mention names but we had some ugly homies too! But they were/are also good people so i won't rag on'em...
and just leave it at that.


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