Back In The Day - Tales from the Hood


my asian homeboyz

It wasn't til the second to the last summer that we as a gang were gaining popularity in the surrounding area and hoods, when others were leaving their gang to join ours.

Two guys i came in contact with were both Asian, actually one was only half and American. I welcomed them both into joining our gang and they did, after getting the shit beat out of them. Strange way of welcoming someone to the hood, but thats the way it was and i'm sure is still...No i take that back! These fools have to shoot somebody, anybody, or maybe a rival gangster sometimes - You hear about it on ocassion.

Well it turns out my two new homies are cool vatos for being tight eyed...or is that tie dyed? Either way they were to become friends. One, whose name was Wing (really) was a good friend down the line and he was the one who once warned me not to come back down to L.A. when things were looking like shit for me.
The plot thickens....
The other who i will call Tommy G. aka Buddha was cool too. But it turns out - i was the real A-Hole.

One night as we were all parting( hum,is that right?) and we were all pretty much F-ed up(is that how you abreviate Fucked up?)
Anyway...I was wasted and so was Tommy, and he was hanging on a homeboy barely able to stand on his own, when to me it looked like he was kissing him (he wasn't) but i thought he was and from the next day on i began to spread rumors that he was a fag. (The word "gay" wasn't even known at the time!)
Well it seemed that i set the ball rolling on this secret, this lie i made up (why? i don't even know) and it came back to viciously bite him over and over again, never letting the wounds to heal or go away.
It wasn't til many years later that i found out what i had done to his life because of it.

One day as we were sitting around his pad and it all came up, i found myself really hating myself for putting him through that Pain and suffering.
When he told me that he got into trouble just to be taken away, to be somewhere else where he wouldn't be taunted when someone saw him , I realised what a real AssHole i was. (then.. not now) oh, who am i kidding! j/k

I told him as he was telling me his story...Man!, Don't you feel like just beating the crap out of me?
(almost as to say please!) I know i would have let him!

His next reply would change me forever....

Then he said Because I love You Man,
and it was from the heart and real. Something i never heard or felt before and sure didn't deserve to hear. Those true words will stay with me forever. Forgiveness is a Powerful Force that can change anyone's life.
Just as Jesus did when on the cross dying for you and for me. and it didn't end there.