Back In The Day - Tales from the Hood


School Daze - in between the lines

When i went to (King) Jr. High for the very first time, it was traumatizing for me. I would think it probably was for just about everybody!

In my case it was hard to adjust as a normal student into his studies or whatever. I skated by til one day i was suspended for finally missing -(ditching) too much school.
Eventually i was let back in and i continued to attent regularly. I did get in trouble at home and was put on a curfew-that sucked!

It was also an awkward time in my life going through p-u-ber-ty. I was confused about everything only i didn't know it! Even a few "loose" girls had scared me by coming on too strong-Yikes!

On one ordinary day i was just minding my own business when this guy i sorta kinda knew came running by me and grabbed my Cool Shades, Well that ain't right i probably said to myself as i then ran after him. When i caught up i grabbed him and then my sun-glasses and i pushed him.

Well he didn't like that, not in front of his friends so he told me -after school , its on....just you and me!
Needless to say , i was shit'n bricks!
Everyone was telling me of what a good fighter he was so i was scared! I kinda felt like the Beaver, but there was no Walley to be found . (punk!)

Well all i could do was wait for the bell, and i was counting the seconds! was out and i started on my way out as i noticed a crowd was following behind and soon coming up to "thee-spot" (not to be confused with G-spot)

I didn't see anyone from a distance so i was hoping that maybe-just-maybe it was a bad dream i had in class! Well i musta woke up cause as i approched i saw all these heads pop-up. They were all sitting down on this 2' curb in the alley entrance at the end of the street.
By the way, that alley had a name.........
Blood Alley.

Now let me say, i had no real experience in street fighting so today was my first time out.
He stood up and came over to me, took his stance and i followed his lead. The first few punches made their mark and blood came out of my nose.

Correction......HIS NOSE!

Don't ask me how but even i was impressed!
Almost as if i had taken boxing lessons or something but i was doing real good and blocking all his punches and throwing some and he blocked mine too, until his arms started to give.

At that time, now 40 min. into it as i found out later, I got this notion that i was bored with fighting so i wanted to wresle now. BIG MISTAKE!!

It seems my false self- confidence got the better of me. I soon found myself and my self-confidence on the bottom and getting our heads banged on the ground!

That would have been my final defeat if not for a friend who in turn pushed another friend (a girl) onto us and in that moment i was able to escape his grasp!

From then on i would continue to swing til he no longer could take it and broke-down in utter defeat. Some of his friends (girls) kept pleading-leave him alone already!

That day i decided to walk home all the way from school and i lived far from there. I don't know why i did but i do know every curb i had to lift my feet up on hurted! I was really sore and tight.
I fought plenty of times after that but never like i did that day.

The principle caught wind of it and eventually i would be expelled besides other things.

Virgil-nothing , Irving-nothing much, but after Irving... On the Eastside was a school just for boys like me, the one's that didn't learn. The school was called Andrew Jackson and it was a bad boy school, it was my school now like it or not. Jackson had a rep. too and it was hardcore. What else can i say.


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