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the intruder

(my "killer ratdog" by a old chain i found from back in the day. A few good wraps around the hand and that would do the job, ready to swing and hit when possible...whatever it took to win a good gang fight!)

There was this one time that a outsider from another rival gang was in the heart of our neighborhood my himself and high on something. Me and Guino had jusy came out of the lil neighborhood market by Effie St. and we noticed this guy hanging out in the alley across the street and we knew who he was and where he was from and he sure wasn't welcomed in our hood.
What had happened the previous weeks was that his gang had nearly stabbed to death one of our guys and the warfare was on not to mention i was also jumped my these guys as i mentioned before. Duke was still in the hospital recouperating and no one was too happy with the idea of an intruder in Echo Park.

This "Vato" must have been pretty gone to do something like this and in the middle of the day! I could only conclude he had a death wish to do something so STUPID as that!!
Guino and I went on over to him and Guino asked him what the fuck are you doing in our neighborhood ? He was wasted and really didn't have much to say in return. Then Guino TOLD him; you better get the fuck out of here!! NOW!!! Oh yea, Guino also say he was gonna give him a break and let him walk but it wasn't too much longer that the had got out and everybody and their Mama was now on the look-out for this fool and once found...that was it!

He would be very luck to still live especially after what they did to Duke! By the way..My being jumped wasn't reported to the hood by me cause i really didn't get hurt much (almost shot) and just let it go at that besides it wouldn't make that big of a difference. These guys are the same mentioned earlier that i had one time opened up on in the middle of the street.
So now the tension was in the air to get this guy. It turns out after being warned, he still hung around in the alley and sure enough we saw him again but this time chased him! He disapeared for a minute then i saw him run across the street and jump a fence into the corner house's front yard.

As me and Guino went to catch up with him he was now scared enough to realize what was going on but i still think he was in a "daze". As he seen us approaching he actually grabbed something from the porch then crashed right through the big plate glass window and into the house!
We were right behind him by now and as he followed him in i saw a scared lil ol lady in her living room.(poor thing) She motioned to us which way he fled so we causiously went into the next room and then slowly into the other but he wasn't there. Now i had a 2' bar in my hand and i don't remember what Guino had but as entered into the last room - the bathroom we still didn't see him and were now thinking that maybe he left out the back way or something?

I entered first into the small narrow bathroom and Guino wasn't too far off. As i entered and went just past the tub, the curtain around it was drawn and so i decided to pull it back to see and as i was going to, he jumped out at me! I saw what he picked up on the porch in his hand as he started swinging it wildly at me - it was a axe! Not a big one but a axe is still a axe! I jumped back and in doing so put myself right into a corner with no-where to go! I was pinned in!
I had my bar and i was using it to fend him off as he tried to lung at me. Guino came in from behind him and nailed him on the head a few times. That backed him off me just long enough to get cleared. Then we both started in on his intruder who now rightfully was in every sense of the word! We beat this punk-ass down big time to where he was a bloody mess! In the distance we could hear the sirens now were getting closer, so we split!! If all the others who were looking for him had joined in?....He would be DEAD.

As we watched from a distance so not to be identified, First the cops pull up then soon a ambulance.
A few moments later they brought him out in a gurney and took him away. What a fool too! He could have walked away but noooo...
Every once in a while when i pass that house on the corner and look at the big window, i remember what transpired one day long long ago. Oh yea..HE LIVED but had alot of scares for a fond memory. I think as of today he is probably long gone i would imagine cause someone like that doesn't last long at all!

And what were Guino and I doing at that lil market that day?? Why...buying a couple bottles of Boonesfarm,Annie Greensprings, or was it T Bird? for that hot Summer day! It took ALOT of that darn "cool-aid" to get a buzz going too but not that T Bird!

So it was just another day in the neighborhood with a lil excitement for intertainment to mix things up and in my "hood" you never-ever know whats gonna happen from day to day.
I really believe that its still like that for the most part in alot of neighborhoods through-out L.A. but probably even crazier!... you think?


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