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The Drop-Out...drops back in !

It seems that from day one i just didn't care for going to school and learning. Why? To this day i'm still not really sure, all i can do is guess and then there is this A.D.D. thing but i don't know what my real problem was. Maybe if i spent more time thinking about it i might come up with a plausable answer- Who knows.

My first time "ditching " school was , now get this.....In 4nd grade!
I remember sitting on the sidewalk at the top of the hill (street) and over-looking the playground from a distance. The song that i heard playing from a near-by house was the Beatles; Michele(my belle). To this day i really love that song and name. Strange how it still takes me back to that moment.
If my second son Danny would have been a girl..... Yup, Michele !

So i obviously had a problem associating with the educational system and learning just wasn't in my interest nor was and especially -HOMEWORK!
I deplored it, despised it....well- i just didn't darn like it! (and Bart is saying "right-on man")

I also know i had a sleeping problem and still do but its not really a problem-its a BAD HABIT! It seems i don't like to go to sleep any earlier than mid-night. Now i can get away with it for the most part but back then i would just lay there until 12am or so and i never said anything to anyone.

Today i can stay up til 2-3am, thats when i become sleepy. If i have to go to work at 5-6am i can adjust and do that if i have to, other wise.......

So, I feel now that i probably needed a little one-on one help in school, maybe.
Through out my school years i had terrible grades and i didn't care (or my parents either) , cause i never remember if they told me anything about it. (on occassion)

Eventually i was kicked-out of one school after another, in Jr. High. I went to King, which was my 1st one and lasted til the 8th grade. Then to Virgil, which i just didn't like the vibe there (gangs).
Then came Ervine, which i really liked cause of all the cute girls! I only lasted 3 weeks there cause i kicked a "safety monitor" down some stairs who told me to go back down and not skip steps again.

I knew why i did that, it was cause i wanted to be cool in front of the girls passing by , then this fool kills my action! That was my reasoning. I never did anything like that before but i was already becoming involved with "gangs" so my attitude was starting to change and this was the beginning of being "BAD" if you know what i mean, (a tough guy).

After being expelled i was sent to the "last resort" school. Jackson was a all-boy school for those coming or going to juvenile hall or camp. I would soon be going to detention camp and juvy was like a second home to me already.
Funny, but i actually did better at Jackson with out any "distractions" but not that much better.

I decided to drop-out in the 10th grade and wanted to work better, now many times has that line been told!

So I did....

...........(Skipping ahead now and stopping at age 21 and dropping back in).............

After all the different jobs and now with 2 sons, I was told about a place where you would get sent to finish school.
The place was out of state and everything was provided and taken care of etc.
Job Corps. was a Government Program for anyone 21 and under to get a second chance at their Education AND also learn a Trade.

At that time in my life i remember reflecting and thinking how i never accomplished anything in life and i really felt deeply to complete A GOAL and that would be my Education.

That was to be my start...


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