Back In The Day - Tales from the Hood


shoot out at pacos pt.1

In the middle of a cold rainy night 5 rival gang members slowly drove by in a black Chevy lowrider with their lights off , Their guns pointing out the passenger side window and all aimed at the small white house on the corner.
A few seconds later and all you could hear echoing in this neighborhood were the sounds of rapid gunfire!
(I lived only two blocks up from where with was going on and it was loud!!)

This was nothing new at that house, this went on for some time in-between the weeks that past. I don't remember the reason they were shooting up Paco's pad but they were doing a pretty good job from the looks of all the bullet holes.

It was during the time that the drug of choice was hitting the streets strong and P.C.P. or "COOLS" was it!
Everybody was doing this big time! I was spared from this nasty shit only because i was up in Washington at the time it hit the streets otherwise i too would have been "zombied out" (the way i was going!)
Now I did do Angel Dust a few times when it first hit the market way before pcp replaced it and it was a real trip! It sent me way out there and then some! Talk about mind expanding! WoW! This shit was heavy! I'm glad i had to leave for Job Corps shortly after, or else...

So when i returned to the neighborhood i was now Strong (both mentally and spiritually) and no longer "weak-minded" by any drug or other influences. I let anyone know where i was coming from too.

This one night, i went on down the street to Paco's to see what was up with all the drive-bys. He had told me the story which i will not get into. (deeper gang B.S.) Anyway as i was there some others had arrived and they had their shit locked and loaded. I had to head out but later returned. When i did i noticed that everybody was pretty zombied-out and with there rifles and guns at the ready! Word was that a drive-by was going to go down and this time they were gonna be ready for them!

As i was standing around just checking out this whole bizzare scene and thinking the same thing you probably are now - What the hell am i doing here ??? These guys are fucken wasted and as i was thinking this........a car slowly came up the street. Someone said something like HEY!..ITS THEM! Everyone quickly grabbed their weapons, stuck'em through the chain-link fence and pointed them at this slow moving car.... They were just about ready to open-up on it. I had a clear mind and good sight and as i seen that it was just an old couple driving by slowly - I QUICKLY SHOUTED NO DON'T!!! - its just an old couple in it! DON'T SHOOT AT IT!!! I swear to this day, I thought they were gonna be history...D-E-A-D!!

It really shook me up to know what could have just happened! I needed to get the fuck out of there - NOW!

The next night.... it did happen.



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