Back In The Day - Tales from the Hood


G' ride 1

One night as we (Wilo,guino & myself) were near Downtown L.A. walking and just about hating it so we decided to "rent" a car. As we walked past the corner gas station with a shop or garage behind it we noticed a 63 Chevy parked there. Now Chevys were always a piece of cake as long as you carried a screwdriver with you for just those kinds of emergencies. One of us went over to check it out and it seemed alright, besides what did we have to lose, right? HA!
We poped the vent widow open then the ignition and started it right up-no problem!
-Wrong again!
It seems that just as we got in the car and started it, a Police car had slowly pulled up on the street and we ducked down. But too late and i even now think that i might have had my foot on the brake? if so the tail-lights would have been on.
Well the patrol car pulled right up behind us with their spotlight on us but i wasn't quite ready to give up just like that!
So we pulled out into the street and the slow speed chase was on! Why slow? The car wasn't warmed up enough to have any power.(the carb/choke)
As we drove through the streets more and more police cars joined in. At times they even tried to cut us off or block us a few times, but the car was warmed-up by now and i just anticapated there next move somehow. We weren't going to get away but for some stupid reason we tried! (go figure)
I knew all the streets and there turns and thats probably how i was able to think ahead of them. I started to drive towards the areas closer to home and think of any places where we might be able to jump out and make a run for it! There was this long narrow alley just on the other side of this hospital called Gateways and it dead-ended, so i thought that would be a good spot to bail out so we headed to it and drove to the very end of it.
With their sirens blarring and all kinds of red lights right behind us, we went for it the time was now or never! We were ready and pumped -

We made our move....


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