Back In The Day - Tales from the Hood


G' ride 2

That night seemed really cold and our hearts were beating really fast,
we were soon ready to bail.....

I had no idea just how many black n' whites were behind us now as we pulled into the alley. I also had no idea just how fast these guys can jump out of their patrol cars!
No sooner that we had our doors opened and ready to run they were on us like flies on shit...and we were shit!
I opened my door and as i did, all i saw was a black club coming at me (it missed) and the second time it was jabbed but it logged into the steering wheel horn! The cop wasn't too happy about it! (but i was...but not for long)
Now this is what i think went on in his (cop) mind as he realized that he could patent this idea if he only painted it "red", ya think?
Today he is probably stinking rich and did i ever get (at least) a Thank You Note in the mail??? NO! Some nerve! q:(
Another officer then pulled me out yanking me and throwing me on the ground then kicked me a few times (1 or 12 but who's counting)
Then dragged me to their car hood and leaned me up against it. As i has bent over facing the hood one of them grabbed the back of my head and banged my face into it - again "a few times".
I was bleeding, but not as bad as i thought. I'd live.
One of my homies attempted to intervene by saying stop or something but all it got him was a wack or two and he shut-up real quick! The other homie was smart enough to keep quiet....or was that him who was yelling; YEAH - Hit m'good Mista Os-if -fer!?
NAW..Probably not.
So there went our little joy ride in da G-ride!
But only for that time.. I would do it as often as i needed wheels regardless of the possible end results, my focus was narrow-minded and as a teen with the hormones raging i needed to have something to pick up girls to go for "A-RIDE". (oh-yea) But not that night or the next anyway. I believe i can still remember how everything looks (if still the same) inside Rampart Police Station so what does that tell you?
AS for no Helicopters? I'm not sure if they even had the spot lights back then either?

Not like these days anyway- where a half million stinkin' copters are all lined up trying to zoom in on some ugly-ass whose bout to be hog-tied and hauled away! HA!
As long as its not me? I'm cool with that!
As for all the cop cars parked bumper to bumper in the alley? 15 or so! Thats alot!!
A couple days later.. one of my friends said he had heard about us on the radio news I said

Well thats it.. Thats what i experienced on many different occassions and it was no big thing as a minor who always seemed to just get a lil slap on the hand by the nice ol' Judge.....

(go figure)


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