Back In The Day - Tales from the Hood


one shot up ride & poem

We were heading back from the Westside, out towards Venice, seeing these two sisters, my homeboy and I. These girls were fine but their big brothers didn't really like us too much cause we were from the "Eastside" so they said. It was getting late that night and they now had to go in, so we jumped into our G-ride and drove down through Venice going east. We only managed to get a couple of miles when this car from behind bumped us. (not real hard but still) We didn't know who it was but had an idea that it could have been the girls brothers or friends. We punched it a blew through a red light. They followed...

The next one was green but we turned left then a quick right and turned our lights off. We thought we lost them but it was only for now cause when we jumped back on the main street they came from out of nowhere. This time we saw them and it wasn't the brothers but some dudes from around there. I doubt they even knew who we were but it soon didn't matter. So we turned down another side street and they followed, I don't think that was a good idea. The next thing i knew, our back window is being blown out!
I really didn't hear a gunshot but the second time i did! We got hit 5 times!

I was shit'n bricks by now and so was my homie! I don't know why but after they shot at us they took off in the other direction. We were still shookin up but kept on driving home. My homie jumped into the back and cleared any glass still on the window so you couldn't tell too much that it wasn't there but if you were close enough you could tell so we were careful to not run into any cops while making our way back. It turns out the trunk had a bunch of bullet holes and my tail light was shot out too.
The car as usual was now hotter so it didn't matter to us. Once we got close enough to the hood we ditched it and walked the rest of the way.

I called my girl and told her what had happened and she didn't sound so surprised for some reason. It turns out that it was the other girls x-boyfriend who drove up on us.
She said he came back and told them we better not go back there again or next time it wasn't gonna be just the car full of holes! Well....she was fine...but NOT THAT FINE!
My homeboy agreed and we told the girls if they wanted to hook up they would have to come down to our hood...period!

They did a few times but then stopped cause me and her got into a fight and broke-up. was good while it lasted but almost getting capped? NAW! nothings that good to die for, which gives a real meaning to that.
We decided to live for another day and move on to other fine things in life! and most were always out of the neighborhood too. But thats the way it was cause the girls in my hood didn't like any of us "homeboy types". They all went out with guys who "owned" their cars. The ones who did hang with us were cool but not enough. (already taken)
We had some crazy lil girls in the varrio too! They were down! We all used to party at Nellies Pad. When Nellies cuz came down from New Mexico, all us fools tried to scam on her! She was alright but not fine.

Then the older vatos, my close homeboys started getting busted and doing alot of time while the rest started dropping like moscas. (flies) That really sucked cause i was losing too many good friends through O.D.s or shot down. The only ones left either were clowns and didn't know anything but acted like they knew whats up, and some just didn't like me at all cause they thought i acted like i was too good for them, only cause i didn't do things their way.
They're dead now so.....I'll just leave it at that.
It seemed like i was on my own more and more and the only time some of the homies would be around was for the beer, wine or smoke, but when that was gone so were they and that ain't right. I loved my Varrio but not so much some of these vatos. I just couldn't trust them. Little did i know that later down the line it would be me in that position!
I've always been up-front with everyone (and still am) but that doesn't mean anyone else has to be....know what i mean?
Hey...Thats just the way it was and will be. People are people regardless where there comming from. Theres real and then theres not. I found out that time does tell, when it comes down to it.
Today i'm just a little smarter for it.

I think ...if you been there and done that...then talk to me, you got my respect. If not and your a wanna be and trying to prove something (and i've met some) you better walk! Don't even waste my time! If your cool and wanna talk.... then lets sit down.

And as you already know......Homie don't play that anymore, and Homie don't live that either.


*My Life

When I was little I thought everything was all right
But as I got older I found out that wasn�t quite right
As I walked to the paths of life
I saw, heard, and felt many things that hurt inside
Let me show you a bit of my life:

When I was five my parents got divorced
When I was seven my mom married a jerk
When I was eight my mom was in a abusive relationship
And I could not say a thing

By the time I was 13 I seen a whole lot from violence to speed
When I was 14 my mom left the jerk
Two weeks later he came back trying to kill my mom and my sis
As I watched this happen I could not do a thing

When I was 15 my grandpa died
Four months later my mom almost died
Now she is in the hospital because of a stroke
Two weeks later I am living with my dad and my sis with my aunt

And thats were I am
Living in a L.A with my dad

--Vanessa Contreras

Thanks V.C.


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