Back In The Day - Tales from the Hood


shoot out at pacos pt.2

The next time i heard gun fire, it was at that moment i felt it. Deep down I just knew...
knew someone was gonna be killed!

It went down bad that night! So much gunfire from both sides in the darkness of that night! It was just something that would give you a chill down your back, not knowing which one of your ex-homies could be lying on the ground gasping for their last breath.........

What began as another tense day leading to an unpredictable night, even the lurking shadows were threatening. What would happen in the following moments would change so many lives forever!

It must have been just before eleven or twelve when two cars quietly parked on the back street behind this lil house.
From each car out came 5 or so gangsters with their weapons, ready to sneak-up behind the lil house and surprise those who were in wait. They too had gotten word of what was happening ,so they were expecting to catch them unaware.
As they organized and moved in from the back street they had no idea that they were being watched from the time they parked til now. After all....when you go into someone elses territory, they always have the advantage over you as it was in this case.

Everyone by the lil house was stationed in his place wherever that might be and when it came time to open fire they were prepared.
The rival gang members were making their way over a couple of short 3-4 foot chain link fences.
(since replaced with a 6 foot)
As they quietly approached the house in the cover of darkness , suddenly from everywhere - everyone opened up with gunfire. The rival gang also returned fire but it was too much and surprised them to where they just tried to get away!

Some had made it back to their car and as many could,
piled in and raced off! The second car was still there but they reached it too and as they hastely jumped in knew that one of their own was still out there............

They really didn't have a choice, since they were now being chased all over the streets and it was every man for himself! They fled!
One unfortunate rival shooter no longer had ammo so he must have ditched his gun and ran as he was being chased.
He found a car that was parked in someone's drive-way
and quickly crawled under it as those ran past. He thought he was safe for now, but it was short-lived as his own life would also soon be.

As one guy ran past, with a shot gun in hand -
he stopped......and looked under to check.
The other guys were close by when they heard a shout - I found one! They all rushed over and as they pulled his ass out, he pleaded to them to "shoot me - shoot me!" Why? ........ I'll tell you why........
Cause he already knew he was dead - so just get it over with. I know that kind of thinking too and its as if saying....give me honor instead of disgrace so all those will know i died with "balls" and not begging to live.
As much as it makes no sense...It is real... and it comes from the street. (Or was anyway)

The next day and on , for almost a week these streets were taped off as the detectives did their investigation.
I followed it on the news and soon learned most of the weapons were found.....ditched or thrown into a local gutter/storm drain around the corner.
Everygun they found had finger prints and now the three brothers who lived in that lil house plus others would face years and years (up to 20!) in a prison far far away from home and loved ones.

After so many years, they were just a faint memory.
There was one guy who didn't leave his weapon behind, he was the first one to blow this gangsters head off....
remember the one with the shot gun ?

I know it still bothered him -what he had to do (again street code and having the balls to do it) But at least he was smart enough to be clean. (no it wasn't me either! in case it past your mind) but who told me what all had happened that night as i was lying in bed then suddenly awakened by the sounds of death! (just down the block)

I pass by that lil house almost every day now, some 25 or so years later and i still remember that night and the other night before when i was there, but most of all i pass by that driveway, and remember that spot where all that was left they said....was something that looked like an empty bloody bowl that was once someone's head.
The driveway was soon redone and the dirt now covered with concrete in an attempt to conceal or cover up and hide a horrible and sad memory, but in reality, i'm really just guessing.
One thing i do know as a fact?

Lives were forever changed on that one particular night.
The night where...
Everybody lost

and no one won.


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