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Pulling Over The Cops?

Well as i was thinking, and realized that i really didn't pull them (cops) over "technically" but......Maybe i should just start from the beginning.

One evening as "we" (the usual) were cruising in the Lincoln, going to pick up some "smoke" over in the projects in E.L.A somewhere, that i noticed a unmarked unit following me through the roadways.

I hadn't been to my pick up yet but was getting closer to my destination which was just around the corner. Finally i decided to pull over and i stopped the car got out and walked on over to them.

Now the undercover cops were a "lil" surprised... you think? ha! They were both looking at me in the strangest way! You had to be there! I tell them - can i help you??
He then looks at me up and down carefully and tells me in a low puzzled sorta voice "what do you think you're doing? Are you f-n crazy? And as hes telling me this i happen to look down the inside edge of his door /window sil and see the end of a gun barrel pointing up at me.
My reply was simply; Well, you guys have been on my tail for a while and i just figured that eventually you would be pulling me over so i stopped.

He asked if i was from around there..I said no. Then he asked what was i doing here and i told him we just came to visit some friends. He says to me; You better leave this area right now, theres been some shooting lately, and not to be cruising around here! I told him i agreed. You better leave NOW.

That was pretty much the extent of our conversation, corgial ,yet to the point. No lets see some I.D. or what have you, probably because of the awkward position they were unexpectably placed in? I don't know but I walked back to my car, got in.. and we left. The homies still thought i was crazy for doing that, as i began filling them in on all the details, pretty much as i just did with you.

So i stand corrected...I did not really pull them over, but in a twilite zone sorta way....maybe thats just what the cops felt happened? go figure...
So mista osifers....YOU GO NOW!...go get your surgar glazed donut rush on... while shaking your heads in amazement and total disbelief. Hey...Only en Amedika! So meny Cray-z Peepuls!
Sh..,Its the "normal sane" ones that SCARE me!!



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