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Point Blank 357mag

Ever had the experience of being shot? I been real close to it many times but never.
How bout shot at?(hasn't everybody in L.A.?) hehe. Well i had a chance to find out what its like to be shot at within three feet of range and yet somehow missed. Well not entirely...I did feel the powerful blast of percussion (pressure) on my chest, and as you've heard stories, my life did flash before me in such a way that time really did come to a stand-still. It was bizarre to say the least.

This one begins like this-
I live on a isolated lil street that seems to be more like an alley than anything. One car can pass by the row of parked cars in front of their homes on this quiet little street. I live just around the corner from my young neighbor Fernando. One night around 8 pm or so, i seen his VW being pushed by another car as they went on up the block.

I thought nothing of it thinking his ol' bug was just getting a push start or something like that.
A few minutes later i see Fernie running up and asking if i had seen his bug going by. I told him i thought it was him and he told me it was just stolen. We jumped into my goat (GTO) and went to look for them whoever they were. We cruised a few streets and then as we passed a school, we could see it on the other side of the playground parked as these guys were checking it out. I parked the car and opened my trunk to aquirre a couple of crude weapons.

I grabbed my bumper jack, a long 3' piece of metal with the bumper hitch on the end for the older model cars. Fernie grabbed his baseball and we quietly walked around to where the car was parked. By then they were already gone but not too far away, just around the corner and getting into their car. We caught up to them on foot as they were slowly pulling away.
Now, the whole time i'm thinking..just who do these guys think they are! Coming into MY neighborhood and ripping off my neighbor's car! I wasn't too happy about it and even though i had not been involved in any type of violent activities or the such in a very long time, i wasn't gonna stand there and do nothing! I felt my old mentality coming out for the occasion and i was ready. (or so i thought)

Fernie was scared but even more, he was mad!
The car came our way slowly. It was full of guys, around 5 to 6 of them and it was dark enough to not see who they were, but it didn't matter cause they were just some punks from who knows where and i knew how to deal with them. I had chased or beaten many an outsider once and thought i was just gonna have to do it again now.

I wasn't thinking about how i still had balls cause it was at one time second nature to me.
I made my move and stepped out from behind a parked car right into their path and they stopped about 15 or 20 feet away. Fernie now stepped out behind them. We bagan to walk towards them, not saying a word. As we approached, i gave Fernie his Q
and he shattered the rear window. I kept walking towards them ready for them to pile out and then turn on my charm. They never moved a muscle! I decided to throw the jack through the front i did! but it hit the post right next to it instead. I quickly went to pick it up again and as i did i walked closer towards the driver's side.

I got as close as 2... maybe 3 feet when i saw and felt it.
A bright orangish/yellow flame almost reaching out to me and then as if completely separate from it came the blow. A pressure that hit my chest hard enough to make me freeze in my in shock!
I thought i had just been killed and everything came to a slow motion. It was really strange. If for a brief moment...then i came back to reality, realized what had just happened and now the survival instinct kicked in. That same instinct that saved my ass many a time. I jumped over a chain linked fence and hit the ground, thinking they would shoot some more. They drove off quickly. I had no idea where Fernie was durning this time but he also took cover.

Afterward everything was silent and we were left standing there. We went back to his car and since it now wouldn't start i pushed him back to his place.

strangely, I ran into the guy who had shot at me an hour later around the corner from the house. We had words and i asked him who he was and where he was from. He tells me his name is Huero and he was from Echo Park (my old neighborhood) I got in his face and told him who i was...The o.g. and my name is Huero and I was there when we started up the neighborhood ! It turns out the car was his gramma's and he wanted Fernie to pay for the damage. Fernie was a lil guy so i stepped in very aggressively i stood in his what you gonna do about it now huh kinda attitude.
I had no idea this guy was a boxer of sorts and he would have torn me up i'm sure. He was a younger homie but a bigger and stronger one than myself. I continued to "lecture" him bout doing shit like that in our own hood and he should know better. He finally realized he was in the wrong....and then i asked him the question.
What was that?? and why didn't i get hit??
It was his .357 and the guys who he said wanted to remain nameless had told him who i was just before he fired, so he aimed it off to the side of me. DAM!
could have fooled me... did!
All that night all i could see in my mind was the flash and the percussion blast. It went over and over in my head and i told Fernie the next day, all for your old junky V W! Never again, they can take mine too sh.. I learned something that night, years later from my "glory daze". Something about putting values on material possessions and the price of life. I'm glad this happened and even more grateful...i learned a valuable lesson, one more of so many in life.


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