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hot summer nights pt.2

Some of my "events" included police involved chases, a few we got away, most we got caught.
By the end of that summer i myself had close to 20 arrests. Nothing to brag about but thats now it was. The court system didn't work and back then if the owner didn't show up at the hearing the case was thrown out. End of story. Maybe if i was dealt with properly and early enough, there would have been alot less cars stolen.... naw, i doubt it!
Some of the times were high speed chases on the freeways or streets. Once i inadvertly stole a 64 corvett that had a 427 engine, 4 speed and some nice fat lo pro tires all around. All i was going to take from it was a 4-track (8-track) player i said chevy ignitions if not locked are thumb-turned to on and start.

At the time i really didn't know how to drive a 4-on-the-floor but i learned quickly! What i found later in the glove compartment would be what would change everything without my knowing. It turn out to be a 38 revolver and it turns out to belong to a L.A.P.D. officer. The whole car! I wanted to take it out for one last time , i couldn't resist the rush of driving a fast car! I jumped on the freeway and drove til someone wanted to race. It wasn't long before a hot rod truck pulled along side and gave me the look. It was on baby! Dam, he was fast! but i was faster and after passing him i would wait for him and we do it again! All i remember is that i was in L.A. one minute(so it seemed) and in Orange County the next! I turned around and did the same but now out to the San Fernando valley.

The last trip was on the 5 heading east again only its dark now. I found someone else to race and we were but this time a motor cycle cop put his red lights on to pull me over. All i saw was that they were getting smaller in the rear view mirror and wondered how could that be? I was soon to find out! I decided to lose him by jumping on another junction except that this guy in his t-bird (a off duty cop) didn't let me and i was soon now being chased by him and now the highway patrol.I don't remember what happened to the t-bird but i remember all the flashing lights far behind me and getting a little closer now.

I wasn't alone , i had another one of my homies with me this time and he was shiten-bricks! He told me to get off the freeway so i did,somewhere around telegraph or washington but as we did we spun-out at the exit light , recouped and burned rubber going down the long deserted street where there were nothing but wherehouses one one side ,the freeway on the other. The police weren't too far behind so i thought i better lose them by turning down one of the side streets. As i was flying i saw a street comming up on my left and tried to take it but at the speed i was going i just couldn't quite make it! Again , i spun-out only this time i landed somehow between a light pole and sign.

End of the line...We both jumped out of the car which is now in a ivy patch, I tell the guy to get the gun and throw it into the ivy not knowing thats what they were really after me for besides the car. We ran and ran but there wasn't anywhere to go... only this big lot next to a big building.
The police were there in no time and had us in cuffs when one officer came straight up to me and threw a punch to my stomach. As he did one officer told him don't and he pulled it so as to not really hit me hard.

It turns out he was the one on the motorcycle. His 3? gear and siren had froze, whatever that means, but he was pissed,that i remember! The car had been on the HOT LIST cause of a police issued 38. It was open-season on whoever had the car.
Remember what i said about the court system? My court date came and as i'm sitting there listening to the owner of thr car (cop) testify, Hes sayind all this damage was done to it. For some reason.. The Judge decides he wants to see it for himself (huh?)
Yeah , you heard right!
Well.. there was no damage and the Judge threw out the charges and cited him with contempt! WHAT was that all about??? I still shake my head!!!

Zero Nada Zip! I will say this... That won't happen now a days. Everything has changed! My Police Record as a Adult is 0 or close to it! Some minor things or traffic kinda stuff. So for the most part i guess i can say i'm clean and dam proud of it! Everything that i know i could do thats criminal i just don't have the desire to do, so i don't. Thank God!

I remember getting a taste at 18 of what the real jail was like. It was all i needed to quit while i was ahead and no charges or record on me is how i like it! There are so many crazy things from my teen years that could rival the one i just wrote but thats for another time if at all. What do i get out of re-hashing all this? I'm not sure but one thing i know for sure.....I am very fortunate and thats putting it mildly! Wouldn't you agree? Oh yea...I have had my cars stolen and broken into etc.(if its any consolation) and i can't say a thing about it ...i don't dare!


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