Back In The Day - Tales from the Hood


Street ur azz...maybe

What does this mean?
Well in case you don't know or not sure... heres the 411.

On the streets of L.A. there are alot of places none of us would be caught in, and rightly so if you value your life!
While in the city and minding your own business you might encounter shady characters looking for some one to victimize. Someone who might look weak and vunerable and easy to intimidate.
I happen to know what they are checking out in a person. Its almost becomes a game to some, it was to us, just to see what power we could have over some poor frightened soul. That wasn't a nice thing to do but then...we weren't, and we were bored and needed to mess with people's minds.
The one who didn't show any weakness?... we really didn't mess with, being the tough guys that we were. (NOT!)

And here are some valid thoughts on this -

First off, to show strenght is far better than showing weakness or fear, regardless of how you really feel inside. There is nothing wrong with being afraid, just don't show it at the time! Better to either avoid what you can, or if "cornered"? Be more on the offense not the defense. This throws people off by surprise. Be aggressive with your body language (but not overly), and if really need be? Take action first before anyone else can. You doing this shows your strenght (& or confidence) and can really turn the cards around, some of these young "tough" punks will actually put their tail between their legs and back away, even leaving their so-called homies. I've seen it happen many times. This really freaks 'em out never expecting THAT to happen!

Now if you even think there might be a gun(s) involved then i'm not sure i would tell you to take these kinds of action. Probably not! If you know you can't take it away from him... I know you better not try running away unless you (and whoever else) have plenty of cover(cars etc.) and won't get hit, You can make alot of loud noise / yelling to attract unwanted attention!! Other than that theres not much more you can do but pray cause odds really are... you just might be shot or killed either way. Whatever you do, don't wimp out, Don't be a wimp! No one respects one who pleads or begs and you will be killed just for that! They don't care either way but your chances are a little better to be a man, even though scared.

Now...If you carry yourself with confidence somehow it projects respect, ( both to and from ). Remember the old saying: kindness is mistaken as weakness? Well... Confidence IS taken as in NO FEAR and no fear on the streets is respected , holding your head up high so to speak.


Use ALL of your senses and most of all - COMMON SENSE! ! You can't afford NOT to!!!!
Thats what saved my ass many a time! and still does! Regardless where i'm at or when.
Just take all this as a little advice or insight ok. It could save your life someday.


Moving on now to a completely different subject.

Now in days, two things very important to myself are to just be me and not pretentious, and that i am very unique in my own way , as we all are, and not the clones i see, trying to "fit" in with "the crowd", you know what i'm talking bout. Not be be so one-sided, I understand the need to "fit-in" too well (been there etc.)

Individualism is precious and yet its often lost in the masses, regardless of the culture or Sub- Culture or whatever.
Thats just my opionion.

Anyway...these days living in my old neighborhood i have very few "friends" around .
I know alot of people like most but.. Real Friends?...

Life goes on and so do I... and its all good! (for the most part)


I am called Rudedog by a few close friends who know i don't pull no punches when truth-be-told (for their own good). And YES, i can be put in check too if need be. Thats what real friends do who genuinely care. All else can take a flying leap!-say your Hi's and keep on moving, my time won't be wasted on non-sense about nothing or listening to b.s., lies, or whatever.

These days i have learned (still learning) to be a tad more sensitive and not as blunt and thats ok by me. As for the dog part? Its not who i am but thats ok too, its all in fun and besides.....
My bark? Really IS worst than my bite!
I'm a much more softer mellowed out kinda guy these days - rudedoggy