Back In The Day - Tales from the Hood


A Cold Cell

Waiting i sit. Waiting for the word, Sitting in a cold hard cell. We have alot in comon i think while trying to fight off the moment,the dam misery and uncertainty!
Waiting to get kicked...either to another level or out the doors but i'm never really sure how it will play out. Thats ok i tell myself, i gots time! Then i remind fool! Yeah, being a minor has its perks but soon that time will be long gone and all will change, the question i ask myself.. will I ? Am i destined for this life? Maybe so? Maybe thats just the way it is right? After all thats how it is with my homies so why should it be any different with me?
Waiting i sit, waiting for the word... The word that only i can really answer.

Life can really suck if your not keeping yourself in check! Know what i mean...


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