Back In The Day - Tales from the Hood


Buckle up, its soon gonna be one bumpy ride!

A typical night, being chased by the cops either on foot or in a G'ride. Hey, i needed wheels to cruise around in. There have been too many times where i was beat down one way or another...then booked, even hit the local news on occasion.
Oh the bittersweet memories! I don't miss'em at all! I'm glad its all behind me and i'm still around to even write about them. Why i'm not dead with the rest of them or locked up to this day only God knows cause my life was spared way too many times by Him to even count!!
Funny, the same one who saved my azz those many times was the one i used to cuss out when i felt like it. So what!, i would say. (what a fool!)
I finally did learn to appreciate God's love and care for me! So cool...

Later on down the road this would be my own ride to be cruising.
I bought it for $300 and slowly restored it myself... yup, that kept me out of trouble! hehe