Back In The Day - Tales from the Hood


The Bird Cage

Sounds crazy huh? The Bird Cage. I'm not sure how that area got its name but i do know it was a notorious spot up in the back side of the Hollywood. I never been there before till a older man who was a acquaintance of the family took me up there to check out the view. This man was a bit of a strange bird himself and i was soon to find out just how strange and that he probably should be in a cage himself!

Frankie (his real name) was a lonely depressed and just sad man who was becoming a constant drinker and tried whatever else to ease his pain. You see, his mom had just passed away not long before and it had a big effect on him. She was all he ever really loved and even though he was married at the time he was separated. His wife couldn't handle his manic depression and the moods of being straight out suicidal so she left. This made no difference to Frankie, his mind was only on going to be with his mother and thats all he wanted.

At the time i met Frank he seemed to be fine then slowly i began to see his soul and his intentions would soon become noticeable to the point of dangerous. When i say dangerous it wasn't for toward me but could easily become a bad situation if i followed through. You'll see what i mean.

Frankie had this old gray Cadillac that was as big as a fricken boat. It was a nice boat and drove nice.
That Car was gonna be offered to me along with lots of cash if i would just do one thing, only one and nothing short of that.
Frankie would come by the house every week to see what i was up to. He always mentioned taking a drive to Hollywood and then going up to the bird cage. I was around the age of 15-16 at the time and i knew how to handle myself if he tried anything but he wasn't like that so i didn't really worry bout it.

Finally after heading up to the cages for awhile he made me the offer. His car and $3000 cash. All he wanted me to do was use the large bowie knife he had under the seat to kill him. He wasn't joking either, he was dead serious and at first softly asked under his breath if i would kill him. I was caught off guard with his request but first dismissed it as the booze talking. This was to be one of many times i would be asked and eventually the pot would be sweetened. It went to $4000, then five.

I never would do it but the offer was tempting to a young boy and all that money plus my own car!
I gave it some serious thought but it didn't take long for me to realise i would probably never get to drive or even spend any money if i'm in prison. It wasn't hard to see that wasn't going to work and i wasn't going to ever take him up on it. (if i did i wouldn't tell you anyway...but i didn't)

It seemed he had a few ideas of how to do this so i wouldn't be caught but i knew better. For me it was a form of excitement, intrigue and danger but nothing more and secretly i wanted to be entertained by him as he tried to manipulate the situation and me. Strange me! Guess it was the morbid idea of off-ing the guy that made it my own personal fantasy. A game that was played out in words and plans and ideas but never played out.

The day came when Frankie finally realised i wasn't ever going to fulfill his "request" and i made it known i wasn't interested in putting him out of his misery. I told him "sorry but i can't do it". I think he finally understood what i was saying and from that day on i never really saw him other than in passing. A few years went by and on occasion i would see him and say hi but he still wasn't all there.
Strange lil man. So that was that and afterward i never seen him around anymore. I wonder if he got his way or another.