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time to join pt.2

mi placa - my tag

My first and only time of becoming a Gang Member was at 14. When i stopped being one i was 21 almost 22. I had my first real test of proving myself the night i was to join. Now standing in the middle of 4 members, i was to be #5.

I waited for the first blows to hit, and that would follow with a flurry of strikes but waiting for the very first one seemed to take forever! Minutes pasted while i waited, still making eye contact with each one of my attackers and they in return were checking me out, to see how i handled the pressure (if i were to crack or quit) but i didn't flinch or show any signs of weakness. If by chance i had, i would have failed and then given the boot (alot of them!).

They knew what to look for and were impressed (apparently) with me. The next movement from them was when they suddenly broke up and then patted me on the back with approval saying i was now IN. I had been "WALKED-IN" and this was something that didn't happen too often if ever! I later used this same method on new to be members (as a test) and many failed, got there ass kicked good and walked away. (barely) I did "Jump-In" my share of new members or keep time as others did it. The Time would be according to how many were going to be involved etc. and tried not to "over do it" and really hurt the guy too much unless he showed weakness and curled up instead of fighting up right or maybe some just didn't like the guy and wanted to beat him down harder. It happened too.

I had the privilege of also "recruiting" and watching our little Gang grow. Some of the guys brought others in from the out-side or from other gangs because they knew we were pretty tough and had a rep. for standing our ground against the other bigger gangs. Myself, I didn't like that idea of outsiders but it wasn't my place to say, we wanted numbers! I was not a leader, only one of the first. As for a leader? The concept was not to have one but rather to have many stronger older members who could help and guild the younger ones and also make important decisions. It worked for the most part but not always. I only trusted a few close Homies and they were the ones who got me in. Some other older ones had their own agenda and would use the younger to do their dirty work. These were the bully types. One i know didn't like me at all cause i wouldn't go along with it.

I was young but i did hang with the older Homies and i saw their maturity and respected that. Some of the others weren't mature and couldn't handle their liquor and caused many conflicts with other rival gangs while over in THEIR neighborhood. That led to many gang-fights during the Summer months. Some were resolved some were not. When being around the older guys (18-20s) we party and always had a good time, no one was a loud-mouth or trouble maker and they had wheels to go places. At times we ran across other rivals and words were always exchanged leading to a good old gang fight! We wore our wounds proud, as a badge of honor and of having the balls... to win or even lose. And if so? There would always be another day!

I didn't mind as long as i was with strong back-up. I had seen a few run away on occasion and they were dealt with and no longer a member. Fighting along side with the older guys was fun and thrilling just when we were out-numbered (which was often) WE KICKED ASS! and that was satisfying to me, that we actually won! The guys now knew i was dependable and always willing to be there when called on.

I saw alot of new gang members join but we still were really considered small (about 35 -50) yet we sure were becoming known.
Now hardly anyone had a gun (with exception) so everything was done Old School, and it was real! That separated the boys from the girls, so to speak. Today i don't know this generation here in the neighborhood but i know everyone everywhere has guns up the ying-yang! Its not the same anymore, the rules have been thrown out the window. New Game - New Rules...and its not good!!

Its interesting how this newer generation came from most of my homies who i ran with. They're long gone now, one way or the other but their offspring has continued on....carrying that TORCH. For what purpose? I really don't know anymore, I don't really care! I guess i'm just to old to remember what the reason is now. It was something about Pride...but its been displaced, misplaced and replaced!

I didn't owned any property in the hood but i sure thought i did! I realize that this whole territorial thing crosses all boundries and lines in this human race thing. But now we label it as "Being in MY Space" kinda thinking, no matter where you go!

Hey, I catch myself at times then realize its NOT my space, but just give me a little elbow room and i'll be fine. Gangs will always fight and kill for their territory regardless if it belongs to them or not. These days territory is a whole different ballgame and i won't even go there!



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