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Youngster With a Death Wish

The vato was down for anything, ready for whatever came his way. This vato definitely carried his attitude in his back pocket but he was a cool vato too...or at least he thought so. I remember he was just a little too hard and too cold at times. The youngster had a lot to learn in life, a lot of it would be ol' school hard knocks kinda stuff but later... it would get a little easier. It was really all up to him, or should i really
If i only knew then what i know now! It never works that way!
Anyway, you can read on about what got me here (in a campo) and how bad it really could have been or turned out if not stopped in time! I can say it would have been basically a "Columbine" type situation but with fire bombs (the cocktails) added to it! wAY T0o CraZy!

This is what i'm talking bout, this is the way it went down in a quick word... read on.

One day a homeboy and myself decided to go to Irving Jr. High School, to see the fine babydolls there.
We were met by a group of guys that were on the other side of the fence, inside the school yard.

They thought they were bad and started calling out their gang name etc. so we did the same and they started to rank us. We actually called them out to fight. All them and two of us. Something was wrong with us, we must have been high or something, probably sniffing that "clear-clear" (paint).

They wouldn't come out so we left to come and get our guys to go kick some ass!
We never made it....
On the way back (walking) we saw a car that showed signs of already being stolen and we were going to re-steal it from whoever did steal it.

While investigating it from the inside to see what it would take to start it, a police car drove by and noticed us. We tried to duck down but it was too late.....and off we went to jail !

Two weeks later, we planned to go back to that school. This time it would be 11 or 12 of us and we were armed!
I myself had a sawed off .22 semi-auto rifle only 14" long down my baggy kakies and then there were these nasty little things called "cocktails" or Firebombs, 4-six paks of them. It WAS gonna get real NASTY!!!

If not for a 3-wheel trike "meter-maid" passing by and noticing something wrong going on and calling for back-up....

For the charges of "Preparing for Gang War and Possession of a sawed off firearm, i was given 6 months in a detention camp. Hey...Why even bother?? know what i mean?
It was a piece of cake, even fun!! (now whats wrong with this picture?)

(me & a local homie in camp scott)
The latest hits on the radio were: sitting in the park, hey there lonely girl,other oldies,Elies coming, my favorite; ONE is the loniest number and Spinning Wheel, Chicago-Sat. in the park,etc. ALL GOOD TUNES!

So , In retrospect.........

I believe i would still be in prison to this very day! If not for this? ...then for something else!!

I believe that.


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