Back In The Day - Tales from the Hood


hey you, freeze !

The next line always seemed to be; YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO REMAIN SILENT.
It was one of many times i'd heard those words, either run or do as the man said. There were ocassions where i had the advantage and "ran" with it (so to speak). Then other times i had no choice but to stay. It was those times i would be placed into custody and taken in for some petty thing... or not.

Most of the times they had the right, but what really attracted them to me was the way i dressed. I dressed as a Cholo. I would iron everything and starch played its big part. I dressed really clean and sharp from head to toe. The trademark i had was my narrow-rimmed fedora (derby hat). I had a small collection of different styles and colors. The problem with that was...I stuck out of the crowd and that was what i wanted yet the down-side of course was the attention i got from the police. You would think i would have learned after getting my hats knocked off my head, but noooo.

One night i had just stepped out, ready to hook up with some homies and homegirls down by the House of Spirits liquer store. There is a long driveway right next to it and as i was walking down the avenue to Sunset, I heard someone throw a whisle, so i whisled back in that certain style and it was acknowledged. Some of the guys were up the driveway so i stepped on up to see what was the plan for the night.

Well it wasn't too long before a black n white cruised by and shined the light on us. Now we were there to be off the street but it was apart of someone's driveway so maybe they reported us, who knows. Everyone scattered like roaches as the police car's doors blew open. Me? I had just got there and wasn't doing anything wrong and besides...I didn't feel like getting all sweaty or dirty so i stood there as the cops ran up. By then a couple other cars had pulled up and the first ones ran right past me as i stood still. I wasn't as lucky with the next two and one of them busted me upside the head! Well, there goes another hat!

Whatever he hit me with did a number on me. All i remember was having the hand-cuffs slapped on and them leading me down the driveway as blood flowed down my face.
Turns out i recieved a big gash on my head and had to get stiches.
The charge was assault on a police officer and the reason (as some would know) is to cover their own ass. Well that charge made me a hero in the neighborhood! WOW! You assaulted a cop?? Your bad!! Hey, might as well get some kind of compensation out of it! We never filed a brutality report and the charges on myself were eventually dropped too!

I decided to retire my hats and just slick back my hair with tres flores (three flowers) WAX !
I never got into wearing beanies but did wear my hair net! Over those months and years i became very aquainted with the inside of Rampart and on that one occasion almost died there, but that was another story. Over the years to now, I have learned to respect those who can take away my freedom and i love my freedom! That is what keeps me in check whenever i get a slightly crazy notion. So good cop-bad cop? It don't matter to me as long as i'm not doing what i used to do and drawing any such attention to myself...
I'm cool mista policeman! leave my lil ol' head alone! (wa-waa-waaa)


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