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CGA - Criminals & Gangmembers Anonymous

"A brief introduction into CGA" is what this post is all about. (and no, its not a joke)

I thought it was a very interesting outreach and support system that i never expected would work, but it does as long as there are those (like me) who are finally tired of the madness, still alive and free and want a way out of this crazy cycle. So lets begin with who and what CGA is.

CGA is a 12 step recovery program for those of us who are willing to be sincere and REAL enough to admit their inability to stop committing crimes regardless of age, gender, ethnic group, social circle or professional status even.

Each of us in CGA admit and wish to resolve a series of common problems in character caused by our lifestyle and bad habits or addiction to our choice of illegal activity.
In CGA we do not glorify the wrongs we've done nor make excuses to justify our actions. We are not here to blame anyone, to continue disputes or to hold hostility toward anyone, group or whatever.

We are people who are becoming responsible for ourselves while being accountable for our actions. Our primary purpose is to develop and practice a better way of living free of destructive addictions and reach out to help other criminals find a peaceful, productive way of living.

Our Lifestyles & Addiction to Crime:
Criminals and Gangmembers are people who can quickly display a personality that fits their needs. Behind the mask we wear to deceive others, we are driven by a set of twisted beliefs blurring the lines of being straight out evil while smiling or simply cold hearted. There are NO rules or respect as once was nor respect for laws or anyone's rights, property or freedom or life. This really is another form of terrorism that has been here on our own streets, day or night.

We do illegal things that satisfy ourselves without regard, whether physical, sexual, financial, or some other way of material gain to survive another day or maybe just through the week. It also is about simple greed and at some level control and power. As a gangmember, we might (generally) follow traditions passed down to us but its not always the case either. As criminals our mannerisms can be very deceptive as needed to accomplish our goal. On the outside or surface, some can fit into normal places whether in public or in the workplace among normal people unlike our criminal or gang mentality, planning to commit criminal acts whenever we can however we can for whatever reason.

Our addictive patterns and behavior makes us as gangmembers and criminals more destructive than any other. When we get a idea that we think is foolproof or simply a irresistible urge, desire or a emotional "rush" we act on it without hesitation regardless of the consequences. We are also very capable of intelligent planning but for the most part the lack of it is what leads us.

There are some who actually believe they so smart that they believe in their own delusions and lies. They can repeat the crime or crimes over and over again until it becomes a automatic reaction without second thought or care. Yet, we do not consider ourselves as having a problem - while insisting that everyone else is wrong, out to get us or something along those lines.

Now, With All This Said, There Really Is a Way Out!

Recovery is possible for ANYONE who takes it SERIOUS, straight up. Not serious enough, don't expect anything to change cause its starts at home with you and only you.
Through the support of the CGA Group or any solid support system thats got your back, with helpful reliable guidance we begin to open up and allow the needed changes in our attitude, choices and decisions, rather than to continue with our destructive mindset. The beginning of all this lies within us and our being honest with ourselves leading to our honestly with others. This is the first step to change and recovery. Without it nothing will work to our benefit, trust me i personally know this as a fact...a solid real fact.

Now we can begin to follow the next steps. Patience is really needed during this time onward. There is no room in our lives for quitting. Its a matter of life and death and thats another personal fact to remember, as important as making a commitment to begin and follow through till the end of your old life and the beginning of a brand new life. I'll stop here.

If you are interested in obtaining further information on CGA or wish to start a CGA group in your community and/or institution you can contact:

CGA Services - 2049 So. Santa Fe Ave. - Los Angeles, Ca. 90021-2919
E-mail: - - 213.438.4820 ext. 22


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