Back In The Day - Tales from the Hood


Now Its a .22 Cal? Geez !!

One nice and normal sunny day as i was washing my lil sports car parked out in front of the house, a neighbor from up the block came down the street and stopped just a few feet or so behind me in the street. He got out of his car and from the back seat pulled out a rifle. He was mumbling something about this lil pocket sized 5 shot pistol i had shown him the week before in which he insisted that it was his and i had either stole it or bought it from this "other" guy. I told him he was wrong and didn't know what he was talking about and left it at that.

Now he was only a few yards from me pointing a rifle at me and saying he wanted it back! Again i told him that it wasn't his and that i personally purchased it at my local gun store and that i had the reciept but wasn't even going to bother showing it to him cause i didn't have to prove anything to him.

I told him that while keeping my distance behind the right corner of my lil car, well he just didn't care to hear what i had to say and began firing at me. I ducted behind my car while he was empting his .22 at me, of course they were close but i was safe as long as i took cover. Now a.22 will more likely just bounce off the side or put a small dent but more much more unless your hit, then thats a grave difference cause it tends to bounce around inside and do deadly damage!

As soon as he ran out of ammo, i stepped out all the time being calm and non hostile in return, trying to talk some sense into him. You see, i knew this guy for many years and we never had a problem. I also knew he was on drugs and that explained his behavior so i understood.

As he was thinking about reloading i drew closer towards him while talking to him. He reached into the car and pulled out a loaded flair gun. Now i was out in the open with nowhere to take cover and that gun looked pretty scarry to me, all the time thinking of the big hot hole it would make in me. I froze in my tracks.
Now all the time this was going on i had my lil 5 shot dereinger in my pocket. I just didn't feel i needed to shoot him...or i would have! Simple as that.
while we're taliking, my neighbor sticks his head out to see whats going on and then goes to call the police. After coming to his senses somewhat and me telling him "hey we go way back, what are you going? do you really want to shoot or even kill me here in front of my house?"
He got back into his car and drove away.

The police showed up a lil while later as i was checking out all the bullet holes or gouges from them and heard a hissing from my rear tire...
They pulled up and asked what happened and i told them. they asked if i knew where he lived and they went to his house where he was waiting. they pulled out the flair and rifle and another in the trunk. He did about 6 to 8 months for being stupid and i went to court to make sure he knew he was gonna pay for it.

After he got out i happen to run into him at some guys funeral. I was just the transportation for a friend to go pay his respects. I walked up to him and to his utter surprise, asked how he was doing. The look on his face was shock, and even for me to speak to him. He said the court told him he had to keep his distance from me. I didn't know that.

He in turn surprised me and i was in shock when he thanked me for his "vacation". He said it was really getting out of hand, his drug use and all and this gave him time to straighten out. Whatever....

I told him i could have fired back but i wouldn't . I also mentioned that to the police and they told me " then we would be taking you to jail" So anyway, thats what happened on that nice sunny once again, could have been my last. Believe it or not but i really don't feel like trouble finds me or that i attract it. I just try now if possible to defuse any potenial conflict and if i need to defend myself....well, i will think twice, because i will lose regardless, but as any good officer would tell you, a good day is a day when they don't have to use their weapon and can work it out in other ways. I agree


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