Back In The Day - Tales from the Hood


Cow Pie, now thats some crazyshit pt.1

That is one night i will never forget....But then i say this about all the nights! I was cruising in my beautiful 1961 Lincoln Continental, you know....the one with those crazy "suicide doors" on it....that was a fun "Land Boat" too but anyway-

This lil trip i took down to the projects called Aliso Village to score a nice chunk of "HASHISH" to party with and let me tell you..I Loved That Shit! (pun intended)
I had a few homies with me at the time and from there we were going over to some fine babydoll's pad.
So....I pulled up to the projects, found a parking spot (in somebody's space) and we
all got out. A short time later after taking care of our lil business, we all piled back into my ride and headed out..... wait!...back up a second...We piled into the car and as we were ABOUT TO HEAD OUT a bright light filled the car's interior and us. We had a couple of un-marked L.A.P.D.(or Housing Authority) patrol cars behind us and i didn't even start up the car yet!
Here we go again.....

We were all pulled out and told to assume the position against a wall next to my car. We were searched and of course i had the hash on me. That was it.... BUSTED!! We were all loaded into the cop cars and taken in. They had put us into the same small holding cell and that was that! An hour had past then two, and all was quiet around the station other than the typical sounds of office work. No one had come to tell us anything or at least to begin the booking process which i was pretty familar with as were the others.

Finally...Noise!...Laughing! lots of laughing!! coming from the other room and becoming more obvious it had something to do with all of us! (or just me?)
About five or six officers stepped into the holding room corridor as they were still chuckling amongst themselves, then a second later one of them finally came on over to let us in on the joke......

and it really was funny too, but I wasn't laughing.....


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