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Cow Pie, Now Thats Some sh... pt.2

Don't you get it? I DID! I got it alright! It wasn't what i wanted, but then, i really wasn't in a position to argue about it now was i?

So lets back it up a taste and move foward again.....
And speaking of taste....I forgot to mention something i wanted to obviously forget.
I remember that we did break off a piece and smoke it. I remember it didn't smell or taste right and it sure didn't give anyone a BUZZ! As we were sitting in the car trying it out and now ready to take it back with protest. THATS when they pulled up on us! Funny how we didn't figure it out til we were told, probably cause we were a little buzzed already and really didn't understand... DUH!....But anyway-

As i was saying before i rudely interupted myself......We were all in a Jail Cell and everyone who wasn't were laughing...AT US! I didn't care for it either but in the next few minutes a would also be laughing with a certain sigh of relief which would shortly turn to anger!
As you might have figured, we were all releasted due to: no charges, due to: NO HASH!
Yup! no Hash. Then what was it? Well you already know don't you! I wonder what gave it away? hummm let me think....
Oh yeh..THE TITLE! Thats the ticket!!
Man!, I'm still tweaked about that! ha-ha

So when i went into the apartment complex, then into the apartment, we all sat around and did our lil chit-chat as the dealer went into the other room to weight out our shit.(ha) Never bothering to examine it closely, we went on our merry way.
so these cops finally stopped laughing long enough to tell us we were free to go and it was because it wasn't against the law to smoke Cow Pie! What? huh? say again mista os-if-fer? What exactly is that? then he stopped smiling for a split second and with a stern face said..COW SHIT! now get outa here!
No problem ..and we vanished into thin air as if we were never there..GONE.. with the wind!! hocus-pocus!

We had to walk back to the car which for some reason was still there! I still don't know why? but it was and we (I) were glad. We jumped in and disappeared quickly into the night before they (the cops) came around again. We counted our loses and forgot about it, we left it at that with the reality of jail still lingering in our minds and no retaliation followed nor did we or I ever go back there again! (and i know why too)

NOW......Do you like twists?
Well heres one for you.......dig this...

The guy that burnt me for the hash had just got out of jail.
While he was in there a friend of mine who was dating his Mother called me one night and asked if i was interested in doing a little partying? Sure, whats the deal? and he told me that his girlfriend (this dealer's mother) had her daughter-in law with her and she was my herself and it wouldn't be any fun with her around -alone, so if i wouldn't mind joining them and then we would be even matched. My old lady was at her moms with the kids for the night (or was she?) so i went on over and we did some p-a-r-t-ying!

Now i gotta tell you... This girl was so cute and had a cute lil body and thats just the icing. She was Italian and she was hot! Needless to say that night was a good one and so were the ones that followed! I almost considered leaving mine for her and her's for me but.....HE GOT OUT!
This was a strange and bizarre situation to say the least and i think you would agree!
That night when i first met her and we were all pretty toasted, i remember the mother-in-law telling me "just don't get her pregnant". Did i hear right? The mom of the guy who sold me cow pie whose girlfriend i was maintaining while he was locked up is telling me not to knock her up? WOW! that was TOO weird! I backed off of that whole thing! umm............later.

The next time i saw her, the lil Italian hotbox was sitting on his lap as i went to score a dime or something of the sort at the village. No one said anything as i waited but man that was a trip, just to see them both and knowing what had transpired.
I'm not sure BUT i think he found out and thats why i got Cow Pie...who knows huh?

Now was that a twist or WHAT!
Man ...and she was a little freak too! (Oh Well.)
I got my Freak on!


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