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Washington State - Job Corps - God pt.1

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From a early age i began to act up. It would progress as i got older as usual. Now at the age of 21 now I signed up to go to Job Corps, just barely beating the age limit to be in this program, only because i was already on the list waiting to go.

The timing for me was right, I really needed to get away from this neighborhood!
My life was coming to a slow end in a fast way and this was my salvation, my ticket out of the hellhole i made for myself. It was a bad situation and all i could see was it getting worst quick!!

As it turns out , one of my homies wanted to do the same so it was arranged and we both went up to Columbia Basin Conservation Corps. which is located in Washington State. He soon became homesick and left. In the meantime i continued on but there was a problem...

In the morning some of the homeboys would spark up a joint-a reefer-a blunt-a toke-a cheech n' chong already, Man!(hehe)


It didn't take me long to realize it couldn't go on that way if i was serious about my goal, so i quit hanging with the homies and got my head cleared and hit the books day-in-day-out! I soon needed reading glasses, oh the price to pay!

What put me in check was a good sit down with myself.
And in this conversation i said to myself, "Self... if you want to party you should have stayed home in L.A. fool !!"
Huh ok...that woke me up!

By now, the homeboys up there are checking me out like i think i'm better than them cause i ain't hanging no mo' and they don't like it. Well i'm not worrying bout it just concentrating on my studies for my G.E.D. exam.

Soon enough they were all gone anyway, in the mean-time i'm opening up some areas and making friends with those outside my homeboy mentality.
White, Black, whoever, if they were friendly and we had a "mutual respect" for eachother, cool.

We also had the same reason for being there to get a break in life and to get away from a negative enviroment.

This was also to be another start, another beginning for me, in my life...
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