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My own opinion on "Religion"

I understand now about "religion" and its negative relation with most people. I will never accept "religion" as for what it really represents, and to me thats a heavy load of....huh Man Made Rules and all of these DON'Ts (the neg.) or you'll Go To Hell and Burn for all eternity , almost as if they want you to, just to prove their point. There are not enough of ; if you do the Do's - you won't have time to do the Don'ts. And thats much more realistic to me .

I don't hear enough positive messages - the encouragement we all could use and i'm not saying to just tell everyone ; hey, I'm OK...Your OK kinda lies either and insult people's intelligence!

What if i'm NOT OK and i'm HURTING? What then? And what if i'm doing something that will kill me if nobody lets me know they really care enough to say STOP ,without going to an extreme and completely turning me OFF!
I learned the hard way that God will help me, IF (big IF) i let him and without any doubt. Frank Sinatra sang I Did It My Way! Boy do i know that song all too well!

One thing i've learned is that i have a "free will" and i'm not some robot or have to play church or go through all the motions. And if i don't want to see or hear anything or any possible warning signs up ahead , then thats up to me totally . So how in my "blissful ignorance" can i even blame God for my actions or even possible short life and death? Free means FREE!

If i don't want him trying to let me know whats going on He'll still try! BUT he Respects our Right to make our OWN decisions - right or wrong with or without his help or interference.
Yet i have seen Him Intervene when i didn't deserve his help or ask for it. Hey, thats God!

Like i said... Religion is just too caught-up into itself. Its big money/big buildings/big business/and big egos! and if Jesus Christ were to come again today and heal people and share God's hope? Religion in ALL ITS GLORY... would kill him again and in the name of god! (Just like its been, and being done)
He just wouldn't fit into their plan or go along with their politics back then , not now.

People see whats really been going on. I have and knowing the difference between religion and God, really helps me to understand it all better now.

I would soon find out back then what i know now and that is that its not about religion (a belief - "left or right") but more importantly about the simplicity of HIM & ME, so very basic and as the relationship very REAL. (As long as i am too)

I am NOT a religious person but it seems that whenever God becomes the topic (usually by someone else) then i am perceived as being "religious" because of whatever knowledge i might have. I used to try to make it understood that i was not, but it just didn't sink in, so i learned to except it and not even argue the matter, which was and is a waste of time. If thats how people can relate then thats how it is. I bet by now your probably saying... oh, yeah, he's religious alright, sure sounds it. Yikes!

I don't care to argue with anyone about religious or Spiritual things, WHY ? To play the I'm gonna win you over to see it my way game? Homie don't play that!
Its a real joke! and to me it just shows immaturity and ignorance! I do enjoy a pleasent low-key kinda conversation myself. A non threating, non defendsive learning conversation works fine.

If you wanna believe one way, your way? cool, go right ahead and believe what you want, its a Free Country... Thank God! Its not my job to argue with you to see it my way or to condemn you if you don't. That is Gods job! (and he never condemns but does judge. we condemn ourselves) Its totally between you and him just as it is with me and all of us , Besides i am no one to say anything!

And if there is NO God to you, then thats up to you and i don't think any less of you for it.
Simply because i remember i was the same wayand then theres something Jesus said about not casting stones and not judging/condemming. This is something religion does so often and all too well ! Now if i'm ragging on religion a little too much i'll stop.

I think i made my point.