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Brown Pride?

Misplaced Pride?

Whats wrong with this? Whats missing with the whole "pride" thang? Well, before i go off on a rant...I gotta put myself in check. You see, I used to tag up the Raza's Pride Murals too.
I never gave it much thought when spraying my placa down or crossing another out.
I don't remember ever stepping back far enough to really see what i was messing with and messing up too.

Hey,I was down for La Raza and nobody better say shit about it! Thats the was it was and thats the way it still is today...just as is the self-disrespect we ourself do to our so-called cause or belief.
Who would have thought that all these years later i would finally see what is going on with that misplaced pride/concept. How do you let others know what you discovered about pride and respect verses false pride and flat out disrespect?

To me its a one on one thing but it doesn't do much good. I realize you gotta have pride in yourself and not the kinda pride i knew about, where if you talk bad about me or my hood or cross me out, i'll blow you away for it. That ain't pride! Thats not what its really about. Its starts within and its a positive thing never ever a negative one. Respect then and today is weak and yet its what makes us or kills us for the lack of it. Something to think about.


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