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Jail Pt.2

Got up early, made some coffee, showered and got ready for my one way ticket to lalaland.

See ya later!

To be continued upon re-entry!

I stepped into the elevator and pushed the 3rd floor button.
Nervously waiting to take my last few steps of freedom, yet I realised what needed to be done on this day and the process i would have to go through would remain to be seen and experienced.

I stepped through the double doors that led me into the courtroom and quietly walked on over to where the deputy was sitting. I handed him one piece of paper that explained why i was there. He looked at the paper then up at me as to say with a look that he was somehow surprised. He instructed me to have a seat while he presented the slip to the judge. After the Judge finished with the case at hand he looked up and called my name. I stepped up to the podium as he began to inform me of my rights and to clarify my previous decision. I nodded as he proceeded with my case.
After all was said and done the deputy motioned me over to the side door where i would began this experience. I wasn't feeling so nervous anymore and was somewhat excited to begin and see where it would go....step by step.

I was to now be placed into a small steril cell of 6x9 (if i'm right). It had a sink,toilet and narrow cold steel bench. Over the sink was a small 5x10 metal mirror and i leaned over to see my reflection and expression. I looked relaxed and i felt ok too. I truely was looking at it from a adventureous point of view. This is what i hoped for other than a feeling of insecurity and fear. It was just fine, so far...

While sitting there alone, eyes closed and trying not to think about the unknown which layed ahead, i could hear the sounds that penetrated through the door. Mainly the voices of the female deputies exchanging information or flirting with the other deputies.
An hour, or so it seemed had passed as i was now lying on this narrow cold bench...waiting and waiting, all the while dozing in and out of a surreal dream... almost as if this weren't really happening, yet the unfamiliar voices constantly reminded me otherwise.
I was pretty tired from the night before which i stood up late knowing that soon enough i would have plenty of time to sleep.
I was somewhat wrong about that. You see, i would be able to but only until the very next move.
Then after having been called out and told to stand facing the wall with my hands behind my back, i would wait til being called again to step up and give the nessessary information requested etc. The next step would be taking my fingerprints and "mug shot". Wow! Guess i'm offically a real criminal now!

I held on nevertheless to my bragging rights of being out of the system for some 30 years other than a small overnight stay somewhere years back. Wheather i was believed or not didn't seem to long as i knew and if interested all they had to do was look for themselves. But this was just another day with another "criminal" being processed, so who really cares.

I made small talk on occassion and it was polite and relaxed. They had a job to do and i had some free time to spare so we were in agreement and i did what i could to make things go as smoothly as possible.

Soon i would be called back to stand again at the wall as other prisoners/imates would file by. These were both men or women. I could tell offhand that these people were nothing more the drug addics or bottom dwellers and feeders. Heres where i had to put on my "game face" at times and blend in so to speak. It would pay off in the long run to hold my own and have the nessessary skills to survive. Time spent means nothing. You could be there for only hours and possibly be devoured and split out! It always depends on who your placed into a cell with. And its usually at least 10-15...maybe more in a larger holding cell. Some waited for court,some waited to be transported to the Country Jail downtown.

It was now time for me to do exactly that. Go into a cell filled with a mix of a few bold and a few poor scared souls. If you didn't understand english it would be that much more tramatic too.
I walked in and found a place to sit. Eventually as names were called to appear in court, there would be a place to lay down on the bench. As the overhead vent spewed its air on us, it was cold. I was having a hard time not shivering and i'm sure it was noticible at times. Me being one who is a low blood presure person is affected this way. Some felt it was hot in there too but not me! It was cold and uncomfortable. All i could say is...I better get used to it!

Some 6 hours later a deputy brought us sandwiches and some fruit. I wasn't hungry so i just passed.
From the time i began (10am) til the time we were ready to be transported (7pm)...Some nine hours later we were called to stand up and prepare to be chaincuffed in twos by four (to each chain set).

The young transporting deputy was loud and meant business. He barked out orders and we obeyed promply! All the prisoners were removed from all the local cells and holding tanks then marched in a double file til we got to the bus where we waited for his next commands.
As we boarded, it was very awkward due to the lenght and position of space to move. We walked to the back of the bus and took out seats. I never knew that these buses were completely blacked out/boarded from looking out other than a small slit window at the top. I always thought as they would pass me on the freeway or street sometime, that they could see me or look out. Now i knew.

The driver was that same young deputy too. In power and yet acting so immature. He had the authority and he abused it too. He drove that bus like it was a hot rod! Hard on the gas and hard on the brake! The turns were sharp almost as to try to impress us somehow. There were female prisoners onboard locked in the front area cages and they would yell out to him to drive faster etc. He cranked the radio up pretty loud as the jams were blasting, just like a friday night cruise out some main blvd. Well at least the radio station was good! I didn't mind hearing some ol'school jams over the loudspeakers!

I mean, here we are going down the freeway with the tunes thumping! Now is that cool or what? yea, right. So as we finally do pull up to the Buliding, he turns it up even louder! Guess he's gotta show his boys whos bad!

We now unboard the bus and head into a door that will take us to our very first cell or "holding tank".
This will be the first of uncountable cells with its herd of all kinds.
This will be the real beginning, the real test of endurance and pain i never saw coming. Many will be subjected to the most uncomfortable conditions and the senses will be put through hell!
Heres where it all starts....
28+ hours of hard,unbearable,cramped,filthy,demoralizing time.
It gets worst...


My wristband with name (not shown) and My Number. The only info posessed while there.
countryjailband (8k image)


No, i didn't sneak in a microcam but this is close to how the corridors/hallways do look in some areas.
jail2 (13k image)

Moving on...


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