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A Quick Peek Inside Jail pt. 1 of 4

A new adventure and a quick unpleasant reminder!

Well, where do i start? I guess i can say, i have somewhat of a "adventure" definately out of the norm that i'm jumping into.

Something i doubt anyone (in their right mind) would be too willing to do, given the circumstances.

What i'm getting to is the thought of being in jail! (not Yale!)
and Not a pretty picture! What a twisted way to have a unusual and uncalled for adventure/experience!

Well, today i was given the "opportunity" to go there or not...
I chose to go.

I had some old parking tickets that i forgot about, now with higher fines imposed and lately recieved a traffic ticket that when i went to court this Monday (once again), also opened another can of worms. I was hit with fines plus, but not willing to pay them all off so i was also given other options.

It simply came down to either paying $1,500+ other fees, doing 71 hours of community service and $500+ fees or just do the jailtime and let it be. Thats what i have decided to do. I'm nuts if you ask me but what the heck, its a 16 day stint and the probability (or not) of being releasted earlier is a given and fairly common. I can hang and besides...i need a "vacation"! (Yeah right!!)

I will be turning myself in on May 7th as specified by the judge, and so it will begin...
I am curious of how this will all turn out! I'm not worried about it but don't look forward to being locked up with a bunch of bottom feeders either. I know that one of the most precious things in life to me my freedom. Many things i've taken advantage of in my daily life will be put on hold only to later be appreciated that much more.

This is my main reason for even contemplating this in the first place! Sure i could take the other options and walk away the same, with no real true appreciation but i honestly see this as a opportunity. I can hear some saying...NO WAY! and others...He's Crazy! or he's just saying that or lying! Nope! Its what i plan to do, out of everything else. There are more downsides to doing this than upsides but in the long run of the short of it, i will be glad to be free once again!

You see,the very last time i ever stepped into a L.A. Jail was back when i was 18 years old! It was my first and last time...til now. I really do hate this system too but i feel i need this one more time in my life. I know some who have been in for over 10 or more years and thats scary! So this is nothing!

Where i will most likely be visiting will probably be the Imfamous "Twin Towers". My mind frame will more or less be on the defensive holding my own, best not to go in looking timid or weak! Yet i will be taking it all as a grain of salt and go with the program... See if i meet any interesting never really know where people come from or why they are there. I'm sure to some it will be their first experience...a rare few.
But thats to be seen and later comented on if true or not. I already know what to expect...or do i?
Now some close to 30 years later myself, i think i will pop in for a spell and remind myself of how good life and freedom are, knowing full well i could have easily been a product of this inviroment and caught up in the system way back when.
I think of it as a twisted reality check! I will be writing all about this and the whole scene.
It will give a interesting prospective!

And so i begin to count down the next few days! I wish i was already doing this and getting over it by now but NO, they make me wait and think about what i signed up for!
Oh well...whatever. It will come and go in just a matter of time, something i do have to spare at the moment. It would be cool if i can get a hold of writing matterials to keep a journal of the days events. You know, the basic stuff like how many are dragged out each day or who started what with who. All the juicy drama that your typical local jail has to offer.

Man, i shouldn't be kidding and making light of this huh? Whats wrong with me?? Its serious stuff!! Oh who am i kidding...We just will have to see if my attitude is still so lighthearted when i get out! ha! I bet i'll be singing a different tune then!! Oh...I don't like the way that sounded!!

So maybe it really is about proving something to myself by doing this? What? So i already know what i came out of, why do i feel i need to prove anything? The answers will come soon enough and it will be determined just what my true intention and motive was. Do i really lack that much adventure in my life to go to this lenght? Naw...but i have to admit, Adventure? it will be and thats a understatement!

Growing some facial hair to get that gruff mean look going pretty boy going in here! I'm practicing my "hard look" and must remember NOT to smile!!! hehe
People think they know where a person is coming from or made of when looking at the exterior. Its always so misleading and really a joke! Yet it can have its advantages at both ends.

rj1 (10k image)
Fridays a coming....

Times up!
Well, this is it. I'm ready to go on vacation equal to a inner city warzone, only with strict control! Prisoners of all kinds from all over will always continue to congregate in a place made just for them. Disgusting if you ask me! I will be right in the center of it all! Believe it or not, i'm in anticipation of this whole experience. Lets see what i get out of it? I occassionally enjoy watching extreme sports so this is kinda along those think? I asked for it!
Bummer, i didn't realise the date and weekend it would be falling on, oh well...

Thank God its not like... Years, only a few days or so.


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