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You play - You Pay !

Did i say...

You play-you pay? Dam straight! (i know and speak from experience)

I was catching the local news today when i seen another typical Police beating and then the mention of the recent one of the black boy at the gas station. ahh, memories! So from my own past personal experience i knew what was really going on in each of these cases. So here is my opinion on them...

(oh yea, you better hold on too cause i got a few things to say bout that whole thing!)

Starting with the black kid. I don't think,I KNOW that this cop who slammed this also not so inocent boy on the hood of the cop car was one of those old familiar types who really are as you seen on the tape...volatile. I have had my own run-in with these guys and they do serious damage not only to that person (victim? yea, right), But the real damage is with the community trust/relationship which isn't all that anyway but why really make it worst?

I'm not so interested in this kid or what he did or didn't do, but more on the way a so-called "Professional" Officer of the "Law" behaves in full view without any regard to the public or his own department. I know there are many hot headed "macho" and poorly trained policeman in this city. In my case when i got beat down or a busted nose on occassion, it was entirely my own fault and i left it at that even though i know i could have made a case against the city for excessive force/brutality. I pushed the buttons and got them all pumped up by pushing it to the limit. ME not them. It still comes down to how each situation is handled, either right or wrong seems to be a blur at times.

I remember a cop's personal car i inadvertly "borrowed" and found his revolver in the glove compartment. Later when all the drama was over and it all came to a safe ending for everyone, the cop later told me that if he would have found me first, he would have shot up car, he didn't care. He wanted me in jail so bad that he even lied while up on the stand (this happens alot too) only to be found in contempt and all charges were dropped. Now i would hate to be the next poor soul he pulls over, thats for sure! And color? oh yea, it plays a big role, always will too, regardless if people hide behind it or not. The last time i was pulled over was because i was the wrong color in the wrong neighborhood in Torrance. Thats what came out in court too. It didn't matter that i was parked while reading my street map, being lost. I don't like it but i accept it and deal with it as intelligently as possible, cause some of these cops aren't at all that intelligent! Trust me! That "the bad guys" mentality flows way too wide and that brush is definately too broad! Seeing only what they want to think and being pretty blind if you ask me, yet it doesn't stop with only them either as you also know.

Taking into account that we're only human changes nothing when theres a gun and power mixed with anger. That my friend, makes one armed and dangerous man, who happens to be a policeman!

As for this fool who resisted and got beaten down over in Dana Point for acting stupid? Thats what the results are, period! You dish it? Act like a fool? Then you better be able to take it! Again...right or wrong, thats the way it is. That cop who you can hear shouting to the guy now on his face about this or that? Its all bullshit! He's just covering his and his partners asses while looking around to see whos watching all this and pretending its not really their fault either. They're all wrong, and whos really the good guy or the bad guy now? Its another blur isn't it? And he made sure he said it loud enough too! And if there were even less to no cameras around? Then what?

Remember that fool Rodney King way back was lucky he wasn't shot up! Those cops out there are still dangerous (even today!) to the public, along with the low lifes on those streets acting so inocent. Your color can get you hurt bad, reason or no reason when its a narrow minded cop you deal with!
Blind? who else can be just as Blind and as much a biggot? Who else can be even bigger racist yet deny it by always pointing to someone else! Who said it was limited to only a certain group or race? Not me! If you? when... Wake the fuck up! This shit is not or ever has been "limited" to any particular people. We all can say the same thing and point Whats the "real" excuse? Ignorance, to the truth, in my opinion.

Funny now when police do something like this people cry like babies about police brutality and all the while they themselves are doing more damage, more harm, more killing and injustice to themselves, their own neighborhood and their community. I don't care who or what color it is either.

Now IF you happen to be a narrow minded or just ignorant person about what i'm saying and think i'm refering to whoever, then thats on you, you just proved my point, be a man and take responsibility for your own actions and of those you claim are unjustly treated. Its a no brainer...Lets be real about it!

You better not even bring this cry-baby "race" bullshit into it either. Be a real man and quit your crying! Don't even try to insult my intelligence.

So are you possibly taking all this i'm saying very personal? NO?...Good!
Yes? Then what does this really say? You know who (or who not) i'm talking to. You know whats up or do you really?
so...The moral of the story?

That there are no morals!
know that cops will get away with all kinds of shit...thats been proven.
As for you, if its you i'm talking to and you know who you are by the veins popping out of your neck by now!? play/you pay.
Thats the real moral of the story. Like it or not!


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