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Our Boat ing Trip, Adventureous lil Nightmare Pt.2

You just gotta read this one! Its sure to raise the short fine hair on the back of your neck!

OK, so i'm exagerating a little! (but not by much)
Read on...

It was a beautiful sunny day and my friends brother who had just bought a brand new ,off the showroom floor 7 passenger cruisin boat for a great price cause it was a demo.
You know the risks when you buy a demo? Your soon to find out!
We hitched up the boat for its maiden voyage and headed out for an hours drive to a lake called Ocatchi...or something like that. The drive was pretty much non-eventful and soon we arrived, unloaded the boat and fired it up! Man did it sound good and strong, ready for anything! already know me and my stories and how they tend to twist and turn......
As we headed for the middle of the this hugh lake, there the sun was hot and the day just as nice as can be, the engine started to act up....but only for a few minutes, then it flat out died!
That was it, For some reason it seemed to have over-heated from what the gauge said. We had no idea what was going on and so there we sat drifting out in the middle of a deserted lake on a nice sunny day!
Sun oh sun...Where are you going?
come back...come back!!
But it was overtaken by dark dark heavy clouds that the strong winds brought into our direction.

After about an hour as the engine had cooled i was asked to inspect it to see if i should notice anything wrong.

I only noticed that the "plastic" water pump smelled burnt and knew that had to be our problem. It looked just like a pump off a washing machine too! (since thats what i do)
The winds blew harder and harder and finally we were now able to start the cold engine and head on in towards shore. Finally! The story ends here.

And begins here .
The boat was doing good til we got as close to the shore as it let us, then once again....DIED!
We drifted back out and the wind did whatever it wanted with us.
This had to be some form of "boater abuse" but who do you report it to and who would believe it anyway!
What started out a sunny day and now it was shit! It was just a matter of time before the heavy torrents of rain fell on us and luckily we were able to put up the top. If you wondered why we never tried to call on the C.B. radio that we didn't have...well your guess is as good as mine! Duh!
Who in their right mind buys a boat without a Radio?
Oh....His name was Bill!

read on!


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