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It just keeps getting... (Wisconson) Pt .3

Yes, you heard right, It does get better, but unfortunately... not for us!

The time was now around 7 or 8.
We started around 1 or do the math,
What seemed like forever....was!
It was soon to become night as the daylight was even abandoning us now and it wasn't about to let up anytime soon.

The winds slowly drew us to a marshy area where we became anchored. I guess that was the only good thing to happen to us! For the next 2 and a 1/2 hours we were at the mercy of the ever increasing storm, which by now was thundering off in the distance. As time passed it came our way until it was directly over us.

Now you know dam well that where ever theres thunder theres lightening, right? Right! and there was plenty of both and then some! It was to the point of striking on the lakes surface here and there and i we had front row seats! The price for them wasn't cheap! The "then some" came close by but not quite that close and touched down in the surrounding counties. You getting more of the picture now? I thought so...I only wished you were there! (hehe) Bob was seriously contemplating jumping into the lake (which wasn't that deep there) as soon as the lightening passed. There was a tiny light way off in the distance and could be a house or cabin so he decided to go get help.

It was time now and he jumped in and made his way towards shore (i guessed) cause he quickly disapeared into the darkness. We could only wait now and hope he made it safely to his destination. An hour had passed and nothing.....
Another hour was now coming up and it was much later now!

Off in the distance we could see a dim light coming across the lake, it was finally some one to rescue us from our nightmarish predictament!
It was the local Sheriff and he wasn't to happy to be there either! The lightening was continuing to hit the lake here and there and his boat was getting heavier by the minute with all the bricks he was laying. (hehe)
He happened to be in a Aluminum boat!!
The girls (Philis and daughter) jumped across and then there was Bill after me.
That fool sheriff tells me to jump in the water then to his boat! I said a..NOPE! So he came closer again and we both jumped on over.
He quckly crossed the lake towards our parked car and said we could come back for the boat tomorrow, if it was still stuck in the same place. WoW! WHAT A DAY THAT TURNED OUT TO BE!!!!! (an E-Ticket ride for sure!)
The next day we went back and retrieved the really stuck in the muck boat. Bill took it back and sure enough....someone ran it there without water and fried the pump! He was given a brand new boat!
I was given a brand new heart! (after all that!!)
I spent the rest of my days on land, riding my mountain bike deep into the thick green forest and other beautiful places
taking photos and enjoying the peace and quiet.
The next day Bob and i went to the Wisconsin Hot Air Balloon Festival and that was really cool!
Towards the end of my stay we went to the old Milwauki Miller Brewery for a tour. Tour? what Tour? I was there for the samples don't you know!

All these people being hearded around the place and not much of a friendly crowd either.......that is, til we arrived at the last section, where the tasting room was located. The introverts piled in one by one almost as if ordered to only look at the floor and make no eye contact!

They brought in the first batch of witches brew and everyone gulped it down (me too!) Then came the next flavor and we put that one away! By now people are getting their buzz on and i'm just waiting for the frolic to begin, who knows..orgy?

By the third one WE are all feeling pretty happy and just about slapping eachother on the backs! I kid you not!
That was just the funniest thing i ever seen from a bunch of strangers to best friends! (for the moment)

We also went to a place called "The Dells" and that was very interesting! I seemed to be a strange sight to alot of folks there by all the stares i couldn't help noticing. I was thinking maybe because i quite didn't look like Asian or Mexican, Indian or what? They couldn't figure me out! Then i was thinking maybe because my hair was a orangish/faded red color and thought that must of really added to their confusion! HA!

That was my "trip" on over and i haven't been back since!
Bob now lives in North Carolina, where i'll soon be heading on over to visit for a spell. Maybe do a little boating? Sure...Why not?
You think??


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