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So here's the deal. I took this "BLOG" in a different direction and decided to just step over it and mix it up my way.

I was given the challenge one day long ago to think, explore and then to write. Digging deep within i found beneath the old cobwebs a life I had forgotten about. So as it turned out the timing was right. It was my chance to expand, to grow or evolve in some way or another. I began to do something completely new to me, write! So write i did! It seemed to flow smoothly and I was amazed just how much I retained after so many years and truth be told I was curious just to see how it would all come together and play out. I had planned to keep this on a personal level but was persuaded to share it online. Like I said, this was all new to me and a very Interesting project to take on.

So for those possibly interested or curious, you are more than welcome to check it out.
My intention here is simply to give a inside view of one growing up in a small neighborhood just a few miles north of downtown L.A. and about being caught up into a sub-culture lifestyle being one that i would call as "gang related" besides other things.
Understand, this was NOT written as a platform to brag in any way, even though it might be taken that way at times, if anything its for you to become intimately aware of what went on in one person's life, like it or not, understand it ,hate it, whatever, i'm just sharing it.I realize i am exposing many things in my life, but its from another time so i feel no threat by it what-so-ever. My past? Is exactly that and even though i can clearly and vividly recall many details and situations, i do not live in it. At times i might instill my own personal thought or opinion... it might be positive or not.

I'm still learning and evolving as I have opened up to explore my soul's hidden depths. 

So with this said and as for my life now?
Well lets just say I'm keeping it all real, staying mellow, enjoying life, and Thanking God for every new day and thats just the way i like it! Now I'm not a "religious" man but i'm definitely a believer and now know Him who got me through all this madness and thats a fact i can peacefully live with.

Looking back... and after giving it alot of thought, I could say that i was smart enough to stop or to quit just in time, but then thats something i'm not completely comfortable with, knowing it wasn't really all about me saving my own azz. Making a few right decisions once in awhile sure didn't hurt and that made all the difference on my journey in life. Sure i have also made plenty of wrong decisions, yet by the Grace Of God i am still Alive, a Free Man and Life continues on. Either you get this or not, and thats ok. Just saying.

So here i am now, some many years later, seeing where i been and where i went and all i can say is very very interesting.
... aah, the learning process!
* I have included a few POEMS written by various "youngsters" who share their feelings, their pain and their life through their own expression. You'll run across one on occasion.
I have posted only 53 of 192 stories here. I will probably re-add the others in time.

E-mail me and share your thoughts or insight/feedback, questions or comments. They are welcomed and for those who have done this in the past, Thank You.

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Before i forget let me just mention this "disclaimer" for the record:
[ Let it be known that all events, situations, people(s) and names were changed, as were locations, info. etc. etc. etc. and such are of the past and CLEAR from any and or all prosecution as these writings are also now non-incriminating... besides just being fictional 
Or perhaps simply a figment of one's imagination and I'll leave it at that. : )


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